Back To School Uniforms Plus Size Kids

Back to school uniforms for plus size girls and husky boys

Short Sleeve Stretch Pique Polo
French Toast Short Sleeve Stretch Pique Polo

Here are some links to help you with the back to school plus size kids shopping. We know, plus size kids need hip clothes too!
Back to school shopping can easily become an overwhelming experience when you are looking for girl’s size 3X or boy’s husky sizes. Selecting the style and color for the plus size school uniform you need can be an exhausting task.

How to pick school uniforms for overweight children

Another point to consider is the price. In these days when every penny counts, one way to start saving money, is to check out what is on sale at the stores, get the idea what is in fashion, and pick the best deal. While it is a piece of cake to find hoodies, jeans, and logo t-shirts for regular size kids sizes at good discount, it is not that easy to find the same trends and styles in bigger kids and junior plus sizes. Husky boys and plus size girls usually want to dress just like the rest of the kids.

Where to find school uniform deals and sales

What parents need is the best fit and quality girls plus size and husky boys school uniforms at affordable price.
Some good and bargain places to start your search for girls plus size and boys husky clothing are:

  • French Toast This is one big name in school uniforms brand nationwide. French Toast store provides one stop collections of school wear. Moms approve their apparel and kids love it to wear.
  • Gap is another great place to start your search for school uniforms and back to school items. They offer comfort apparel with great craftsmanship.
  • Kohl’s is a department store that has a large selection of children’s and other kids school uniforms to choose from.
  • Macy’s is a place to find classic brands like Nautica Kids (with its extensive collection of girl plus size apparel),
  • Dr. Scholls has a small collection but cute collection of children velcro closure sneakers. They will make great school shoes for toddlers and small kids.
  • Amazon Amazon offers huge variety of back to school apparel, school uniforms items for plus size girls and husky boys. Here is the collection of back to school basics including boys husky sizes and girls plus sizes.
  • OldNavy Old Navy is a brand that doesn’t need introduction. Find a selection of school uniforms for plus size girls and husky boys, backpacks and accessories, at reasonable prices.
  • Asos specialize in trendy affordable plus size clothing in missy and plus sizes. They offer affordable apparel that appeals to teens and young women
  • Alternatively you can search for  school uniforms sold by the users of Ebay. You can find some deals or sells there.
Long Sleeve Dress Shirt With Expandable Collar
French Toast Long Sleeve Dress Shirt With Expandable Collar. This crisp dress shirt is a school uniform apparel must-have with a comfy expandable collar for extra breathing space throughout the day.

Plump kids need hips clothes too!

Big kids and juniors need hip clothes that look similar to the one’s of their schoolmates. Extra attention should be always paid to their clothing. Sloppy t-shirts and baggy jeans don’t flatter full figure. Bootcut pants and flares should be chosen instead.
Bigger girls are just like any other girl their age; they want to put on tight fitting tops, for example, and look good in their outfit. Such an ensemble will expose the belly area and add optically more weight to their figure but try to complement the outfit with a vest or sleeveless shirt and everything will be disguised.
Plump kids need special attention when it comes to their clothing and shoes. Clothes should be always ironed and shoes cleaned because neatness always counts in their look.
Don’t forget to accessorize the kid’s wardrobe. Items which are not size specific, like backpacks, jewelry, handbags, can freshen up the outfit of your child and make her/him feel just like their peers. The same goes for the hairstyles, and shoes. Get them hairstyles and shoes that fit their age.
Helping plus size kids use apparel and accessories to look their best not only will booster their self-confidence, but will help them get on better with classmates.

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