Fall Shoe Fashion Trends 2014


Fall shoe fashion trends 2014 with some picks to illustrate the latest shoe fashion trends in women’s wide width. Sometimes it is not hard to guess what will be the next season shoe fashion look like; often it is a repeat from the previous season. But as with everything in fashion, extremes often follow each other. Fall shoe fashion trends are between the two extremes: we have the previous season combat and motorcycle boots on trend, as well as fashion slug sole shoes brought back from the oblivion into fashion. You can see slug soles on boots, and booties, but the news is that spiky soles are designed for heels now as well.
Classic casual sneakers and high tops are all the rage this fall season. You can see kickers everywhere: on the streets and fashion runways, combined with casual clothes and even evening gowns. There are stiletto and block heels for shoeholic ladies like me to wear.
Next several pages and pictures, I pick some of the hottest boots and shoes for women this season, and try to find footwear that either comes in wide width or is wide enough to accommodate wide foot.

Some other shoe fashion trends that are worth mentioning are quilted styles. They have beautiful stitched design that adds luxury to your wardrobe. Quilted details appear everywhere, from pump and ankle boots to fashion sneakers.

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