Lace Back Fashion Trend

Delicate, feminine, sexy sheer lace is one of the top fashion trends for the spring/ summer 2013 season. This is a good news for those who has already bought lace apparel and can wear it and be sure to look trendy and chic. From romantic lace dresses, to lace back tops, lace back tunics, to tanks adorned with lace, everything with a bit of lace is fashionable. Lace back tops and dresses are extremely popular among young women because they cover the front area and leave breathable lace material at the back. Lace back tops can be easily dressed down and transferred to casual wardrobe. Pair some of the tunics below with a pair of jeans, wedge sandals and a tote  bag for a casual look. On the opposite combine a lace back tunic with ponte pants for business ensemble.

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