Plus Size Blazers For Transitional Fall Weather

At the beginning of September the days are becoming shorter and the temperatures are dropping. It is a time to start reorganizing the wardrobe adding warm clothes to transition to colder fall season.
Some of the days in early September are quite warm while the nights are cold. The only option to go through this changing weather is clothes layering. Add a blazer to the summer clothes and you will have a little warmth when needed for unpredictable fall weather. You can wear them with crops, sundresses, shirts, tees, jeans, and pants, and they will work magic to add appeal to your outfits. Not only will plus size blazers complement most outfits in your wardrobe, but they can add style and pump them up.
If you already own a classic tailored blazer in black, navy or grey color, you can put a herringbone patterned blazer or pin-stripe blazer on the list for your closet this fall. They are great to wear to work and are suitable also for conservative office environments.
On the other hand, plaid blazer, arrow bright stripe blazer, cherry red or teal blue ones will add a pop of color to your workday.

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