Plus Size Shift Dresses

Plus Size Shift Dresses For All Body Types

To start with, the shift dress is a short dress that hangs loose from the shoulders. It is fitted in the bust with darts, but is (almost) not fitted in the waist area. The last fact makes it suitable for all body types. You don’t have to be size 0 or have a defined waist to look good in a shift dress.
In general plus size shift dresses have above average high scoop neck or boat neck. This type of dress is usually sleeveless. Nevertheless, there are short- sleeve and long- sleeve types of the dress.

The shift dress is first seen in 1920’s on women rebelling against social norms and defying waist cinching and tight lacing. Its design became popular again in the late 1950s. The trend represented the revolutionary shift in culture and free spirit of the youth of that time. But it is the simple and easy to complement design that has made it popular ever since. It is perfect for both casual wear and business environment alike. Being a straight-line dress with no emphasis on the bust or waist area, it can be dressed up a blazer and accessories for business attire or dressed down with a simple jacket, chunky jewelry, and flats for casual events or evening going- out attire.

Plus Size Shift Dresses Are Easy To Pair And Wear

You can stock up on shift dresses in your closet. Choose some shade of solid colors or attractive trendy patters to achieve some of the looks that could be worn in many situations and occasions. Pair the shift dress with a blazer and dress shoes, e.g. pumps for office environment. Complement the plus size shift dress with matching belt to cinch your waist, over sized chunky jewelry, and open toe heels for a night out.

Even though plus size shift dresses are not fitted, they could still hug your curves and define the waist area if you combine them with cropped cardigan. Crop style cardigan will do the magic and highlight your waist.

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