Plus Size Sweaters To Flatter Fuller Figures

Plus size sweaters can be found in many colors, styles, and fabrics, such as wool, silk, cashmere and cotton.

The sweater emphasizes my curves and defines my waist!
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Regardless you are looking for a trendy sweater or just want a piece of classic to keep for years in your wardrobe, there are some rules of thumb that you might find helpful.
For example, neck style or neckline of the sweater can make all the difference. Sweaters with V necklines attract attention to face and neck, while those that are cut with a hint of a curve on the waistline will flatter fuller figures and disguise tummy fats.

Sweaters, tunics and cardigans, which have a long vertical line down the center of the body, give appearance of a long and slim body.

There are many types of sweaters made from natural fibers like cotton, wool, silk, and cashmere or a blend of natural and synthetic fiber like acrylic to achieve best results like shape retaining and apparel durability.

Trutle Neck Women Plus Size Cotton Sweater
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When it comes to comfort and moisture-wicking there is nothing more reliable than
Cotton Plus Size Sweaters
Sweaters are usually associated with cool winter weather when they are worn on top of layering intimate apparel and provide thermal insulation.
Although sweaters are usually perceived as a winter piece of apparel, cotton sweaters are worn all year long and usually are good as a transitional clothing on top of a camisole in chilly fall days.
Cotton fiber wicks body moist, lets the skin breathe and thus gives comfort feeling to the wearer. In addition, cotton fiber dies well and comes in a variety of beautiful bright colors and patterns. Cotton sweater can be easily dressed up with a pencil skirt and a scarf for an evening out or dressed down with a pair of jeans, pants and flats.
Bright color, beads or metal embellishment, and pattern cotton sweaters are usually jersey knit.
Cotton sweaters are cold water machine washable. For best results follow the washing instructions on the label inside the garment. As a general rule do not wash them in hot water and do not dry them at high temperatures. If you decide to hand wash your precious cotton sweater use mild detergent and do not twist the wet garment. Let it rest on a flat surface on a towel until it gets dry.

Usually when we speak about warm sweater we have in mind wool or wool- blend sweaters, pullovers and cardigans.

Pendleton Plus Size Classic Turtleneck Sweater
Plus size classic 100 Merino Wool Sweater Buy Online
But most people are not able to tolerate wearing wool. The question is, which wool is least itchy? The simple answer is: merino wool, the finer, the better. So why putting up with acrylic cardigans when we can have the real thing: Here is a pick of classic sweater in women plus sizes made of 100 per cent Merino wool.
Plus Size Wool Blend Sweaters: Wool sweaters are the best choice for top apparel for low winter temperatures.
There is nothing warmer than cozy wool sweater. Wool sweaters are made from wool, a fiber which comes from sheep, goats, rabbits, llamas, etc. Wool sweaters come in both jersey and cable knit and need special attention to retain their qualities.
Several tips about how to take care of wool sweaters: always shake wool sweater after wearing to remove the dust from it. Never hang a sweater, let it lie flat on a dry surface. Put your wool sweaters in bags with cedar chips to deter molls when you pack them in your closet.

Cable 100 % Cashmere Sweater Womens XL Buy Online
Cable 100 % Cashmere Sweater Womens XL
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Plus Size Cashmere Sweater: cashmere, sometimes called pashmina, comes from the hair of a Cashmere goat. Cashmere wool is fine, strong, light, and soft material. When it is used in garments it is warm and lightweight. Cashmere wool is collected from the goats by combing their hair and collecting the hairs with each stroke. Cashmere fibers have soft ends because they are not clipped like lamb wool fibers.

High- quality pashmina is expensive material and that’s why it is often blended with silk. On the other hand cashmere/silk blend is more flexible and pashmina fits better the body while retaining the soft, luxurious, and warm feel and touch of cashmere fiber.

Cashmere material is not stretchy and runs a bit small so my advice is to consider buying one size larger.
High quality cashmere sweaters and other cashmere apparel can be expensive, classic pashmina is around $100-$200 a piece and more but there is affordable cashmere/silk blend apparel at $60 that can be durable if you care about it properly.

Cowl Neck Plus Size Sweater: Cowl neck sweaters have a drape that focus the attention at the neckline. Cowl-neck sweaters are perfect with pants for workwear. Pair them with fabulous jeans and heels for a night out. They come in variety of colors, knits: jersey or cable knit, patterns, and materials: lambwool, pashmina, or poly blend. Cowl neck sweater doesn’t need extra embellishment at the neckline because it is interesting enough on its own.

Plus Size Turtleneck Sweaters or polo neck sweaters have high neck that wearer folds down once. They appeared somewhere at the end of 19th century when people started to use them for outdoor sport activities. Soon laborers started to wear turtlenecks and by the 1920 it had become a fashion trend among the young people. But it wasn’t until 1950 when middle class started to wear white cotton turtleneck as a symbol of intelligence and success.
Turtle neck sweater is perfect for layering; it can be worn under a cardigan or jacket. It is used also as a top during outdoor sport sessions.

Plus Size V-Neck Pullover: V-neck pullover is a real classic in the closet of every woman. V-neckline visually elongates the neck and draws the attention to your face thus deterring the attention away from features you may want to conceal. Plus size v-neck pullover sweaters are perfect for layering with a tank top or blouse and are suitable for casual and semi- casual occasions. If you plan to use your v neck sweater for layering choose a lightweight material.

Plus Size Wrap Around Sweaters. Wrap-around sweaters have two larger lapels which allow one of the lapels to tuck into the other with the help of button, tie, or belt. Wrap sweaters can be very flattering for the fuller figures.
While others are wearing big and baggy sweaters that make them look larger treat yourself to wrap sweater with tied waistline and v-shape neckline. Plus size wrap sweater should be thinner knit, ending at the hip line, allowing for more coverage at the midriff area.

plus size sweaters Find plus size sweaters, plus size cashmere sweaters and cropped cardigans in your favorite fabrics, from tweed to cashmere, pullovers and twinsets. Shop for plus size sweaters ready to become wardrobe staple every woman should own.
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