Sporty Fall Outfit Women Plus

This sporty outfit for women plus doubles as a leisure suit. The bottoms in the ensemble are a black jogger pant and black leggings. The reason to pick solid black bottom part is obvious. Black is a staple color and can be easily combined with anything you have in your closet. Also, black clothes are easy to care about and require minimum effort to wash and dry.

Sporty Fall Outfit

Parts of the Flexible Sporty Fall Outfit

  1. Sneakers are merely the most important part of any sport attire. It might sound otherwise, but whether you walk, jump, or lift weight, you need solid and supportive foundation. Hence my first choice is a pair of Asics, because they give the needed arch support, they are breathable and come in wide widths. My pick is a navy blue pair in wide widths. Most important part is, they are not pricey and offer free returns/ exchange on Amazon.
  2. My pick for a t-shirt is Champion Women’s Plus Size Double Dry Cotton V-Neck Tee. The tee comes in black, indigo and grey, which are all basic colors. Remember, I am not offering fancy colors, I want easy to combine items only. In this t-shirt, only some of the color/ size combos are returnable, so your mileage may vary.
  3. Champion Joggers in women plus sizes cotton/polyester. This is a basic everyday bottom item. Wear it at home, at the gym, or run the errands dressed in one. As in most cases, the price may vary with the color, size and merchant. Here is one link at Amazon. Also there is more at their outlet website Just My Size.
  4. To double the occasions and the wardrobe value of the activeware, I have added black leggings. As with any black bottom attire, you will never get wrong with black leggings. Pair them with a sweater or tee, cardigan or tunic, and you will have an outfit for any casual occasion.
  5. Last but not least is a waterproof jacket by Columbia. Being a proud owner of one, that has been serving me for more than six years, I would also say it is a good investment. Also it looks feminine, fits and flatters your curves. It is a perfect marriage of fashion with function. Here is Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Rain Jacket. This one in particular comes in many colors and sizes. Its colorblock cut will skim and visually enslim your figure.

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