Plus Size Spring Wardrobe Essentials

patterned spring blouseSpring is the time when everything wakes for new life, warm weather sets in, and there are more colors in the nature. The gloomy and dark winter days have gone and it is time for brighter and fresher shades and colors. Light pastels are suitable for both men and women. They can be combined with classic colors and the result will be a wardrobe to wear year after year.
chic flattering plus size dresssAlthough cold winter days have gone it could get bitter in the afternoon of the early spring.
1. Warm blouse, sweater, or a top made of wool or wool blend will do just fine. The best choices here are pale pink or other feminine shades like lavender, lilac, pastel colors, floral patterns.
2. Jackets. You will need a jacket in the cool spring weather. Plus size jacket should fit perfectly, not too loose and not too tight. As you have already added a color in the blouse a plain neutral-color jacket like black, beige or navy will go well with all your tops, skirts and dresses.
Additionally you will need a solution for the rainy spring days. Trench coat which emphasizes your waistline will go well with pants, jeans, and just below the knee skirt.
3. Skirt. A good choice is to buy a skirt to match your dark-colored jacked. The fabric is lighter but lining is traditionally used to keep the cold weather away.
slim flared pants in plus sizes4. Dress is an essential part of every woman closet. It is warn as a casual piece of clothing and in special occasions, dressed up with a scarf, jewelry, and a pair of chic shoes. In Spring dresses are more colorful but do not overplay with patterns because large patterns emphasize size.
Drop waist dress looks classy and can be worn every day at the office or with a jacket. On the other hand empire waist dress makes figure look taller and slimmer, disguise tummy area, and is suitable for the plus size body frame. Length is just below the knee.
5. Last but not least Pants and Jeans. It is essential to choose good pair of jeans or pants to suit your jacket and blouses. The most flattering for the plus size lady are boot cut jeans and pants where the legs slightly flare below the knee.
This spring the hip slung slim flare makes its debut. Although dramatic flare may seem unsuitable for fuller hips, a bit of hip slung flare will fit you perfectly. This is the case with Lane Bryant’s Right Fit Pants.

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