Women Plus Size Pants

Plus Size Clothing Pants For Curvy Girls

Bleat Front Trouser In Plus Sizes
Bleat Front Trouser by Boohoo Plus

Pants fashion has gone a long way ever since women started to wear pants. Now pants, or slacks, or trousers are considered an essential item of women’s wardrobe. Pants are comfortable, allow freedom of movement, and offer all-day comfort.

Sexy Stretch Boot Pant by Lane Bryant
Sexy Stretch Boot Pant by Lane Bryant

Types of Plus Size Pants Categorized by Leg

If you know your best assets, accentuate on them, and find a pant style to flatter your curves.

  • Wide Hips- Narrow leg trousers only add inches to the hips area when you want to disguise them. Boot cut pants which flare slightly from the knee to the hem balance out wide hips.
  • Short Legs: Higher waist slacks visually elongate and slim the silhouette.
  • If you want to add ‘more curves’ to your silhouette try flaring leg pants with mid- rising waist and legs flaring above the knee.

The perfect waistline sits just below the navel and is named normal rise waist line.

Types of Plus Size Pants Categorized by Their Cut

Classic Plus Size Trousers Pants- Every woman looks good in a pair of classic trousers pants that follow her curves and offer enough space in the waist and hips areas. Trousers pants are tailored garments with a waistband and belt-loops and a fly-front. Trousers pants are usually combined with a jacket to for a contemporary women’s business and office wear set. Trousers pants are made of variety of materials: gabardine, tweed, wool blend fibers, lines blends, and other soft fibers that are good for tailored clothing. Lane Bryant specializes in quality plus size apparel and offer dress plus size trousers and casual plus size pants.
Plus Size Women Denim Jeans. Every woman needs her favorite pair of jeans to flatter her curves and be the most important clothing of her wardrobe. You can change your appearance from sports t-shirt to tunic top without taking off your favorite denim. Denim jean is so versatile when you find the style that works best for you. There are styles like boot cut jeans that you can’t go wrong with. Wide leg plus size denim goes in and out of fashion and don’t look much flattering on large frame figures because add extra inches on their curves. Dark wash jeans slim and elongate the figure visually.
Women Plus Size Black Dress Pants: Black dress pants have slimming effect on any figure type; they can be combined with any top apparel item: jacket, blouse, and tunic. Black dress trouser is a perfect work wardrobe staple. Black dress pants have straight or slightly flared legs. They look very feminine and can be dressed up for special occasions, business meeting or dresses down for a shopping day.

Plus Size Crop Pants

Plus Size Capri Pants, Crop Pants and Shorts: Plus size capri pants are named the island of Capri and must have in the wardrobe of every plus size woman looking for adventures in staying healthy in style. The right length of plus size capri pants vary midway between the knee and ankle. Women with long legs should look for longer capris. Avoid wearing plus size capris that are tight at calves because they tend to run up and emphasize wide calves. Plus Size Capris are available for spring and summer in bright colors and floral patterns. For casual wear pair plus size capri with with a halter or tank top and flats.
Linen Pants in Natural Colors Linen and linen-cotton blend pants usually come in natural color or pastel colors and are perfect for hot weather. Plus size linen pants are lightweight and make packable travel pants. Linen fiber is used for plus size capri pants, crop pants, and wide-legged pants are the ultimate hostess attire. The classic linen blend pants have breezy style and a comfortable fit. Naturally cooling linen wears wonderfully crinkled or pressed. Old Navy has a huge variety of plus size pants: from dress pants, capri pants, shorts, to jeans

Plus Size Active Pants

Workout Pants Plus size active pants are the most important part of sports outfits for full- figure ladies who wish to stay fit in style and comfort. Healthy lifestyles require getting exercise, whether it is walking, biking, yoga, golf, dancing or other low- impact or high- impact physical activities. The main drawback is that there is a smaller variety of fitness apparel and equipment in larger sizes. Yet there are several stores that specialize in plus size active wear and larger frame fitness apparel.
Athleta offers quality plus size exercise pants including plus size athletic slacks, fitness and yoga pants.
Lola Gets Active specializes in casual and activewear for full figure women.

Pants Fashion Trends

Pants Fashion Trends- every woman should have at least one pair of pants in her wardrobe. Classic plus size trouser pant, plus size or otherwise, is a basic pieces of apparel that anchor everything else. Wide leg trousers pants are definitely the latest fashion trends. They create a silhouette which pairs well with camis, blouses, tunics, sweaters and jackets alike but bigger girls should be aware that trousers that flare too much optically enlarge the figure.
Shop for plus size pants in hard to find clothing size? We have a wonderful selection of plus size pants and a collection of reliable online stores specializing in plus size active wear and large size apparel. Find a great deal on a new pair of plus size pants that flatters your curves.

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