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Women's Plus-Size Dri-More Core Relaxed Fit Workout Pants for Yoga, Walking, Working Out in the Gym etc
Women’s Plus Size Dri-More Core Relaxed Fit Workout Pants for Yoga, Walking, Working Out in the Gym etc

It is very important to be dressed and look your best while working out. Starting a Yoga class or just haven’t been to the gym in a long time? Dressing your best can be an overwhelming experience for any fashion aware person. Especially if you haven’t been to the gym for a while and have to worry about for both  your personal goals and appearance.
Picking a pair of pants for working out bare in mind that the comfort is the most important feature. Choose pants and leggings that allow you to move, bent, sweat, and make you feel confident in the gym. Stiffy fabrics like denim are not suitable for the active pants.
Pick breathable or moisture wicking materials. Cotton, bamboo, and some technical-advanced synthetic materials will keep you cool, dry, and comfortable while you practice your sport.
While comfort is the king, fashion is the queen of the game. Picking yoga pants to match many active tops and sport shoes is not an easy task either, although black or navy sports bottoms can be considered real staples in activewear. Pair the black bottom with patterned, colorblock or bright color sports top or tee and you are ready to go.

packable loose fit leggings
Women’s plus sizes packable loose fit leggings

Pick thick opaque materials, in order to avoid any see through when the body starts to sweat. Here is another bottom by Junonia with a different style. It has  a fuller lower leg, flaring from just above the knee. It’s not too full, but just right. The bottom is suitable for wide calf legs, as they are design to accommodate more rooms for thick calves without adding bulk to the bottom. These leggings come in black and navy in women’s plus sizes 1x, 2x 3x 4x 5x and 6x.

Spalding Women's Plus-Size Capri Legging
Spalding Women’s Plus-Size Capri Legging Black or Charcoal Heather

Another option is to have a pair of crop pants or capri leggings. Cropped yoga pants will help you stay cool during the workout sessions and look good and sexy. On the left is a pair of leggings made with bigger girls in mind. These capris look good, will make you feel good and hopefully will inspire you to work out more.

Womens Plus Sizes Active Capri Leggings
Womens Plus Sizes Active Capri Leggings

Pull on style capri legging is ideal for working out or lounging. Shrink & fade-resistant cotton blend offers breathable comfort and durable stretch to keep its shape during your workout. Elastic waist.

Find tops and bottoms that naturally fit and flatter your figure, a well-fitting sports bra and curve-flattering yoga pants with normal waist will accentuate your natural assets without leaving those unwanted bulges at the sides. Another thing to keep it mind is to add a pop of color in the sports outfit. All black or charcoal outfit will not flatter the figure. On the opposite vertical colorblock will work magic and trim your silhouette.

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