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Women's Plus Size Crotchet Popover Tunic
Women’s Plus Size Crotchet Popover Tunic Casual Wear Buy Online at Avenue

Tunics are always in fashion. Short sleeved or sleeveless plus size tunics are best for the hot days in spring and summer. Tunics with sleeves are suitable for the fall season. They look fabulous with a pair of jeans, a skirt, or shirt pants.
The name tunic originates from the Latin word tunica worn by both men and women in Ancient Rome. Tunic is such a versatile piece of garment that it survived the ages and now comes in so many cuts, styles, and lengths that there is a style to flatter virtually anybody. Tunics tend to flare at the bottom part and disguise unwanted features such as wide hips or bulging tummy. This makes tunic especially flattering to full- figure ladies.
Tunics are very flexible apparel and can be worn at casual occasions and dressed up at formal events.
Mid-thigh length tunic paired with leggings is a very cozy combination of clothes suitable for a long walk, moderate sport activity, jogging, and even traveling in comfort and style. Here is my choice for casual tunic. It is solid color, modest neckline, and mid- thigh hemline. It is quite long, roomy, and the sleeves are not short, lovely for those of us with a bit of bat-wing in the arms.

Womens Plus Size Ponte Silhouette Double Slit Tunic
Womens Plus Size Ponte Silhouette Double Slit Tunic

The second choice is a more formal tunic that is perfect for an evening out. This sequin-embellished tunic looks dazzling day and evening. It is made from soft, sumptuous fabric that stretches for elegant drape. The tunic is lengthy and its ponte design creates elegant hourglass silhouette.
Long tee tunics hide the thighs and can be worn with leggings and skin jeans. You will feel comfortably in such a combination because it is very flattering for any body frame. Stretchable leggings give freedom of movement to the ladies during their travel or walking and tunics masquerades unflattering areas.
Plus size tunics are multipurpose clothing. They fit nice and offer enough room to let you move around. You need at least two pieces to complete your wardrobe.

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