Skater Dress Outfit

Skater dress has been on trend for quite a long time, and this fall/ winter season it is still fashionable.
If you are not aware of this piece of apparel, skater dress is fitted all the way to the wast and then skims over the hips in a full circle skirt. It can be as low as the some inches above the knee but can come in a longer hemline.


Skater dress became such of hit among ladies of all body shapes and sizes because it is versatile and easy to combine. Probably only the ladies blessed with wider hips will not benefit from the its design, because the swirling skirt don’t make justice to them. Instead they can try pencil skirt dress.

My pick is a pewter metallic yarn embellished skater dress  with a 36″ hemline length from Evans.  With a pewter metallic yarn woven across a dark base, the dress boasts turn back sleeve accents and a gorgeous beaded neckline. The dress comes right in time for the holidays. You can dress it up for a party or going out with a pair of your favorite heels, boots, clutch or tote bag.

Layer the skater dress with your favorite black leggings, cardigan, or jacket for warmth in the chilly winter weather. The pick here is a black fashionable faux leather/ soft ponte fabric combination jacket from Lane Bryant. It can be any lightweight jacket tailored at the waist to complement the silhouette of the skater dress.

Bordeaux color mayjane pumps and tote bag to add pop of color to this fall/winter ensemble.

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