2021 Bootcut Jeans Trend

Hooray, after so many years of being tucked into skinny jeans, we can finally get a relief from the constraining bottoms. After the long period of staying home, I can see people braving different looks that include bootcut jeans, straight jeans or even 90s baggy jeans.

How come bootcut jeans are back again

Well, this is not a news. With a last year spent home in cozy joggers and tees, it is not weird to expect the fashion trends to start transitioning again. We all remember early 2005 when we all swore against those shinnies. No full- body lady could imagine herself tucked in a pair of tight fitting jeans. Quite to our astonishment, we made the skinny jeans work for us. They turned out to be very wearable with high boots, tunics, tshirts, button- down blouses, you name it. Furthermore, fashion designers came up with booty enhancing styles that are still popular among the entire female population.

Obviously, the world and fashion industry in particular, grew tired of the skin tight setup. It is time for a change now. It is also time to get back to the classic bootcut jeans trend.

It is back to the new basics, ladies! Just like before, when we weren’t able to imagine ourselves in those pesky skinny jeans, but transitioned into them anyway, today we are saying good-buy to them. The only problem is, how will I wear my high boots next winter? Huh! I think I will save some skinnies in my winter wardrobe, just in case, you know.

Plus Size Bootcut Jeans Outfit

Also my next outfit features bootcut jeans from the new collection of Lane Bryant. As always denim is versatile, it can be worn casually(denim is casual after all), or for going out (when the pandemic situation finally allows it).

Plus Size Bootcut Jeans Outfit

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