Plus Size Neo Grunge Outfit

Plus Size Neo Grunge Outfit With Items Already In The Closet

Today I designed this women’s plus size outfit, a tribute to the 90’s Grunge fashion trend. Although Grunge fashion is a blast form the past, it is revived by the platform shoe trend we are witnessing last seasons.  Although platforms don’t reign the catwalks and streets any longer, lug soles with chunky heels and soles are still very popular. This outfit features regular platform suede sneakers that are not over too much.

Neo Grunge Suede Symphony Outfit oIn Plus Sizes
Plus Size Grunge Outfit Tan Suede Sneakers Suedette Midi Skirt

The next out fit is based on sneakers/skirt combination. Hence its title Neo grunge, or combining piece of apparel which generally belong to different dress styles. Suede sneakers are comfy (Zappos) and elegant. Puma suede platform sneakers have wide toe box which makes them comfortable from the moment you put them on the foot.

These chunky suede laceup shoes are matched with suedette (man- made suede) midi skirt (Boohoo Plus) and asymmetrical hem blouse (Avenue).

Last but not least comes the leather tote. If you have a leather backpack in tan, it could be a perfect round up of the typical Grunge outfit.


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