Star Destructed Skinny Jeans College Outfit

Star Destructed Skinny Jeans Outfit

The main focus in this outfit is the star destructed skinny jean. This superstar jean is just in time for the fall season. It is perfect for the school, going out, hanging with friends, whatever place you want to go. Skinny and stretchy, the jeans feel like a second skin.

star destructed skinny jeans
Star Destructed Skinny Jeans by Loralette

Sequined top to go with the bottom part

Sequin lips tee is perfect complement to the jeans. Solid color and not too much bling, the t-shirt is glamour and girly enough for any fashionista.

Silver Sneakers To Go With

Silver sneakers, boots, and shoes are on trend for the last several season. If you own a pair, combine them with the grey tee. Otherwise any casual sneaker, or flat shoe will go well with this outfit.

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